Monday, August 31, 2009

Colby Armstrong and Sheldon Brookbank Signed Pucks IP

CBC Hockey Night in Canada had their 'Play On' street hockey tournament this past Saturday in Saskatoon. Hundreds of people, kids, men and women played on six 'rinks' all day. The media game had 3 NHL'ers along with radio, TV and newspaper guys. Colby Armstrong (Atlanta Thrashers), Sheldon Brookbank (Anaheim Ducks) and Riley Armstrong (did not get him to sign)of my mighty Calgary Flames participated in the 4 on 4 street hockey event. I have met Colby and Sheldon before so I knew who I was looking for in the crowd. I managed to track both guys down and asked Colby first. Colby is a great guy and really down to earth. We spoke for about 5 mins about hockey, the Thrashers organization and he talked about Atlanta as a hockey town. Sheldon was over by a sponsors tent and was really interesting to talk to. I asked similar questions about living in Anaheim vs New Jersey, and he spoke very highly of Anaheim. I got two Ducks pucks signed by Sheldon (1 is up for trade) and a Thrashers puck by Colby. I did not get Riley because I had nothing to get signed and I knew the name but had no idea which guy he was. Oh Well.....Street hockey game pics in my Sports Image Gallery.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Craig Schira Signed NHL Puck

Signed at the Pink Warrior Classic in Spiritwood, Sask.

Cody Hodgson Signed Team Canada Puck

Signed at the World Junior Red and White Game.

Jared Cowen signed NHL Puck

Signed at the Team Canada World Junior Red and White Game.

Wendel Clark signed Leafs Pucks

My puck I got Wendel to sign.

This one was bought from the 'Market Place'. All the money went to charity.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Signed Pucks from Jarret Stoll BP Signing

Patrick O'Sullivan #19

Scott Hartnell #19

Nick Schultz #15

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ivan Boldirev signed Flames puck, Atlanta Flames!

This one was from a friend in Chicago, Johngy's Beat. I jumped at the chance to get a puck signed from someone from the Atlanta Flames.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doug Gilmour Signed Flames Puck

From Bossa Productions April 4 show in Calgary.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Signed at Frozen Pond in Concord, Ont.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gaston Gingras Montreal Candiens Puck

He was asked at the game last year, which did he like better; Toronto or Montreal. He replied Montreal. When I asked him to sign it, I reminded him of that and maybe he remembered but told me he did anyway. Great guy....And wow, what a smooth skater.

Bryan Trottier NY Islanders Puck-IP

Nice signature from a Hall of Famer. He was the last player off the ice at the end of the game and saw my puck stopped and signed. He made sure when he handed it back that I grabbed it from the bottom so I did not smear the pen.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Luke Schenn-All Star Puck

Signed after this year's All Star Game, he's a local guy in the off season.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Robyn Regehr Signed Team Canada Puck-IP

Signed this past summer at the charity event for the golf course.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rhett Warrener Signed Flames Puck

Rhett is a local guy in the spring. A friend got it signed for me up at the lake. I wish him well in his recovery of his shoulder injury.

Andrew Cogliano Signed All Star Puck

I have met Andrew and know what his autograph looks like, so I came across this puck on ebay NHL All Star Weekend, I picked it up. The seller had a nice pic of Andrew signing it and it was a good price.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mike Babcock Stanley Cup Tour

Mike calls Saskatoon his home so he brought the Holly Grail for all to see. It was hot July day and the Cup came to us! We lined up for 2 hours to touch the Cup and speak to Mike. He signed 2 pucks, a poster and a 8x10 of the team picture with the Cup.

Eddie Shack Maple Leaf Puck

Eddie is a super nice guy. He will offer to show you his 67 Cup ring everytime you meet him. When he signed this he signed both sides for some reason. Well if you know Eddie, you know why. He will chat about hockey for hours, ask him about the Oldtimers; Hull, Howe, Sawchuk. He has stories! Great guy!

Wendel Clark Sport Chek Puck

This is neat story. This is a Wendel Clark signed Sport Chek puck. I was booting around Saskatoon about 15 years ago. The radio mentioned that Wendel Clark was sitting out part of the season due to a contract dispute. It turned out he was in town signing autographs at a local Sport Chek. I was 1 block in away from the Sport Chek, pulled into the store and no one was around. Except Wendel Clark. I chatted with him for a bit, got my puck signed and I left the store.

Jack Valiquette Maple Leaf Puck

Jack was a great signer in Saskatoon. I ran into Gary Peters from the Montreal Canadiens and asked if he would sign the back. He laughed and said only til a few years ago did he start signing Maple Leaf stuff. He bluntly responded he was on the other team in 1967. Funny guy but he was serious.

Tim Cheveldae Detroit Puck

Tim signed the puck this past summer at the NHL Fan Fest in Saskatoon. Very nice guy, signed whatever was asked, jerseys, pucks. He actually wasn't happy with the result of this autograph and asked if he should sign the back. I laughed and said, it was fine. Great IP.

Lanny McDonald SC inscribed puck

Lanny is the man, the best Flame ever? Most say until Iginla gets a Cup, maybe....Both great players though. Anyway, signed from auction site. Love the inscription...Miss those days!